Yinrun Sanrio Hello Kitty Park, Anji

Located in Anji, China, the very first Hello Kitty Theme Park totals over 295,000 square meters with a total initial investment of 1 billion US dollars. Construction broke ground 2010 and is slated to finish by the end of 2014.The park’s theme creates a wonderland made from mountain and forest and this atmosphere envelopes guests upon entry to the park. The entry landscape guides the visitor by hinting at the scope of the various areas of the park. These areas each are programmed for its own theme: Royal Fancy Dress Ball, The Age of Great Discovery, Magic Academy, Chivalry, Strawberry Band, and The Family Party. Through the presence of the Hello Kitty characters and their style, each space provides for an ambience unique to the theme. The supporting architecture, colors and planting unify characteristics through the site - while the circulation move guests from scene to scene.

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