The 9th China (Beijing) International Garden Expo - Ordos Pavilion

The Ordos Pavilion is located in the Modern Garden Court and adjacent to the Hohhot Pavilion. Since both Ordos and Hohhot share the Mongolian spirit in their local cultures, EADG expressed a design concept for the Ordos Pavilion in a more abstract way. The core architecture in the Ordos Pavilion resembles a giant drop of water, implying that Ordos’ people pour their affection into the desolate land as splashes of water to make a prosperous oasis. Furthermore, architecture on the ground and underground are structured like ripples when the wind blows on the water. There is an open lawn facing the court as a transition to semi desert. A ‘Floating Khatag (a white silk as greeting gift)’ is the design theme for the lawn. Feature sculptures along the curved path represent the nomadic lifestyle. The path within simulates the unique sand patterns found in the desert. The designers used rare desert plants to show how the prairie people fought hard against desertification and searched for an oasis.

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