Jinshui River Landscape Design, Qingdao, Shandong Province

The main branch of Jinshui River was divided into different landscape nodes as defined by the different experiences, ecological characteristics and linkages between the nature and man. Through the combination of art and nature, the developed precincts of: Farming Waterside, Flowering Stream, Ecological Wetland, Aquatic Forest and Green Lawn Bank express the ecology and naturalism throughout the site. The design combines the meandering system of Jinshui River and the bicycle way of the Licun River waterfront greenbelt to create a complete path system from Jinshui Road on the North and East Jinshui Road on the South. In order to ensure interest in the meandering system and provide landscape views in fall and winter, the undulating and multi-form large scale trellises and structures are built along the main tour route of the Jinshui River.

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