Qiuyutai Park Planning Design, Yichang, Hubei Province

Qiuyutai Park is located in the East of Yichang East Railway Station and to the North of the Administration Center on its main axis. Totaling 86 hectares the mountainous site together with both the Yangtze River and Bailin River nearby reinforce the Aijia area’s mountain and water characteristics.

Qiuyutai Park's elevation changes are significant. Because of this, the 6 themes reflect the culture and influence of the mountain: Jade Belt Corridor, Maple Woods Valley, Rainbow Top, Green Sky Corridor, The Valley Pool and Administration Plaza. Also significant is the practice in the region of the praying for rainfall – which holds the very spirit of the park. A grand sculpture will be placed to visualize an altar of praying for rainfall as it was in the ancient time – which will feature a famous poem to highlight its significance.

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