Dongshan Island Conceptual Tourism Planning, Fujian

Dongshan Island is the second largest island in South Fujian Province with EADG's design covering approximately 120 kilometers including the riverfront area. The island road acts as a radiant waterfront necklace, beginning on Dongshan Island stretching between the sea and the land - metaphorically representing the connections between man and nature - as well as physically connecting the mainland and Taiwan. EADG proposed ‘two circular belts connected by a Red Axis’ where the Red Axis represents the main travel path entering Dongshan Island. It will be the first impression of Dongshan and it will lead people to enter either the golden or green circular belts. The golden belt is a road connecting all the beautiful bays - like a dazzling golden necklace lying between the sea and land-transporting people to experience the various waterfront activities along the way. The greenbelt in contrast is an undulating road flowing through the mountains. These 3 roads provide the way for people to experience the unique ecological relationship between the human and natural environments.

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