Peach Blossom Island Concept Planning, Yuan

Peach Blossom  Island located at the center of Yuan city, is ringed on three sides by mountains and facing water on one side; it is an important part of the Ju River national wetland park.

The team came up with an integrated planning strategy using urban design techniques; divide the peach blossom island into 7 different scenery areas and take control of the surroundings in order to keep maintain its integrity.

Based on studies and researches of local FAR, building density, green ratio and regulation of urban color control, the team wants to create an overall city impression through out the peach blossom island. And to provider better transportation system, we plan to create a bus link around the scenery; centralize parking and restrict auto mobile driving inside, main while set up slow traffic route so people can get around easily by walking or biking.


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